How to Play

[text_output]It’s simple- just answer the questions!

Each game is made up of four rounds. Once the round has ended (usually one week to give everyone time to play), the answers will be tallied and each player will get one point for every same answer given. The person with the highest point total wins the round.

For example, one question might be Name a color. 100 people play and the answers break down like this:

  • 35 people answered Blue
  • 25 people answered Red
  • 22 people answered Green
  • 16 people answered Yellow
  • 1 person answered Hot Pink
  • 1 person answered Rainbow

So the 35 people who answered Blue get 35 points for that answer, the 25 people who answered Red get 25 points for that answer and so forth.

The points are totaled from all the answers and added together. The person with the highest point total after all rounds have been played is the winner!

Each game is four rounds. Contestants will have a certain amount of time to get their answers in. The amount of time will probably be adjusted from game to game or even from round to round, depending on feedback.

No cheating, of course- don’t create multiple user accounts or share your answers with other players. In case you need to know, each contestant’s answers will be displayed after each round.

Hint: Don’t pick your own favorite answer- pick what you think the most popular answer will be!

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